I give Robin and The Four Walls with my highest recommendation!

I purchased a fully renovated/updated 1870 Colonial. It was a beautiful home, but the walls were all painted the same gray color. The house was beautiful in itself, but it needed some help. I spent a good deal of time looking at wallpaper online and ordering samples, only to find that once the samples arrived they were, by and large, absolutely disgusting! While I am artistic and creative myself, I quickly saw that I was in need of some expert advice and help.

No sooner did I find Robin and her shop, that I suspected I had come to the right place. Robin has an outstanding vision, but it was only when the project was fully done did I get a full appreciation for her outstanding artistry, vision, and depth, of yes, an artist.

My house has been completely transformed. I had no idea a home could be so beautiful. It has exceeded–actually shattered–all my high expectations. It is as if, if my house could spring out of the ground in perfection, this is my house. It is so completely and entirely me, and yet, also a living, breathing, three-dimensional work of art. One time, I was even late for work because I couldn’t stop staring at the walls!

My bedroom bears particular mention. While Robin and I decided on all the paper together, and the instant I saw this particular paper, I loved it, some nervousness immediately set in, because it was not by any means a “safe” choice. No matter. Robin knew exactly what it would look like far before I did, and far before it went on the walls. My bedroom is now the most breathtakingly gorgeous room I have ever seen in my life…and that’s a hard thing to say, because my entire house is gorgeous!

Robin and the Four Walls has my highest recommendation!

Melissa Ricci

Robin has an amazing eye for color and patterns and a passion for customer service. She soaked up all the particulars of our bathroom redo (it needed serious overhauling!). She has an amazing ability to pluck just the right book from the shelves and unleash all sorts of ideas.

Linda Button

Robin is the absolute best! I was very nervous about my project. She made me feel very comfortable and confident. She took care of all of my needs and she was more than fair and honest about the project and the price. She is a great lady to work with. Thank you.

Cheri Pereira

After looking online forever, and ordering numerous online samples that were low quality, someone told me to go to Robin at The Four Walls. I walked in, showed Robin a picture of “my style” and she said “I know just what you’re looking for.” I was amazed- the book she pulled down for me contained the most beautiful wallpaper samples, and I found exactly what I was looking for. The funny thing is, the person who recommended Robin to me told the same exact story– Robin immediately knew just what she was looking for, too. I wish I had known about Robin before spending so much time online. I highly recommend Robin and The Four Walls!

Jane Horne

After COUNTLESS hours (20?30?) on the internet and burning our brains scouring webpage after webpage, we decided to swing by The Four Walls for our wallpaper needs. There, we met the owner Robin, and we were immediately enlightened – it was divine intervention! Suddenly we could actually see and feel the wallpaper and get advice from a professional who grew up in the business. And she is no slick saleswomen; we appreciated her upfront, honest opinions on wallpaper styles and reasonable pricing. We ended up purchasing our wallpaper within the hour – she even hand wrote us a purchase slip. Sometimes we get caught in the sexiness of the online retail world, however, wallpaper shopping MUST be done in person. We highly recommend Robin and The Four Walls and, (god willing), will see her again for the wallpaper in our future nursery…!

Jamie S.

If you live within 100 miles of Newton, Massachusetts, and are faced with a home redecorating project, go see Robin Abber at The Four Walls. My wife and I live in a 100-year-old, 5- bedroom, 2-1/2 bath, living room, dining room, kitchen Dutch Colonial – and every room has wallpaper and fabrics (and paint colors) carefully selected by Robbin Abber. For over 30 years she has been our go-to resource for decorating and redecorating. Her instincts are phenomenal and her taste is exquisite. She has an extraordinary collection of the highest quality wallpaper – some of which cannot be found anywhere else this side of the Atlantic. She will work with you to make the best selection based on your home and your requirements. We wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. (The project stated below is only the last project completed. There is a current ongoing project to redecorate a kitchen.)

Paul W.

Robin is terrific; she is artistic, accommodating and takes her work and her clients very seriously. I had an idea of what I wanted, but only a vague idea, and Robin was quick to listen to my idea and put her finger on just the right wall paper for my bathrooms. She was extremely fair with pricing and followed up in spite of her busy work with both me and the suppliers for quicker deliveries than anticipated to keep my job on schedule. I have already recommended her to my contractor and my wall paper hanger and, of course, my friends! Oh, and the bathrooms look beautiful!

Joan S.

Robin will save you time and money and find exactly what you are looking for! I walked into her showroom with a vague description of what I had in mind. I was amazed at how quickly she understood — she pulled out 6 different wallpaper books and everything she showed me was exactly on target. Then when I selected the one I wanted she negotiated with the manufacturer to get me a great price, plus she coordinated the quote (which was also great) from her preferred installer. She really knows her stuff, is a pleasure to deal with and will go to bat for you!

Ron A

My husband and I went into The Four Walls to look for bathroom wallpaper. Robin Abber, the owner greeted us warmly. The store is stocked with wallpaper samples from floor to ceiling. And Robin seems to know all of them! We told her about our project and showed her a few pictures. Within a few minutes, Robin took out two different wallpaper samples that were not only exquisite, but within our price range and essentially, perfect for the room! She spend significant time with us even though our project is fairly small. I would highly recommend The Four Walls to all of my friends/family. Thank you for all of your help Robin!!

Parveen Duncan

Robin is incredibly talented in helping select the perfect wall covering. I had spent over a year trying to decide on a wallpaper for my half bath and within 15 minutes she had my style figured out and helped me select the PERFECT paper. Additionally, she had expert paper hangers at her disposal who were incredibly professional and very kind as well. I’ve worked with Robin on 2 homes now and I wouldn’t select a wallpaper without her expertise. She really wants you to be happy with your selection regardless of how much the cost is. I had originally gone in looking for a very expensive paper in particular and upon our conversation she directed me towards a different one that I absolutely LOVE which was significantly less expensive but substantially more stunning than what I had come in for. She is THE Best.

Philena K

I have very traditional taste, which is not necessarily in style right now and I was worried about finding wallpaper that would fit my historic home, while still looking fresh in the space. I wandered into The Four Walls one day, and I am so glad I did! Robin sat down with me and we discussed my home and my taste. I also showed her pictures of furniture I was contemplating purchasing for the rooms I was renovating. After a few minutes, Robin said she knew exactly what I needed, got up, grabbed a sample book and opened it to a really funky, yet sophisticated design. I instantly loved it! She knew exactly the style I was going for. We repeated this process with the additional room I wanted to paper, and I am thoroughly over the moon with both paper choices. Robin has an amazing eye and is wonderful to work with. I did not anticipate having access to such a talented designer. I never even had to open a sample book! Robin also cares very much about her clients and was able to refer me to a skilled contractor to hang the paper. If you are considering using paper in your design, GO SEE ROBIN!

Christina R.

I have worked with The Four Walls Family for over 30 years since I purchased my first home in Newton. I feel very strongly of supporting local businesses, however, The Four Walls deserves to be acknowledged more than most. Throughout the years, I have worked solely with Robin, who is not only hysterical, but extremely personal and professional. The inventory and diversity of the stock both of wall coverings, as well as fabrics are extraordinary. Robin takes every client that she works with very seriously and helps them to make decisions as if she were working on her own home. I recently worked with Robin on my daughter’s new home, and we were able to together get everything that we needed and loved quickly and efficiently. If we chose a wallpaper that was no longer available or out of our price range, Robin immediately would find another that we liked even better than our original choice. Knowing that we were in a hurry to get things done, Robin used her special relationships with her vendors to get us all of our wall coverings within a week. Robins philosophy is the wall covering is the jewelry that you chose to wear with your outfit. I will continue to use The Four Walls for all of my fabric and wall covering needs. I can’t wait for my next project.

Ellyn P.

Wallpaper extraordinaire! Where to start–I can’t emphasize enough the expertise, humor, sense of taste and just plain genius; these words describe Robin Abber of the 4 Walls. I’ve been fortunate enough to have met and worked with Robin and her family over 20 years ago; starting with her mom Sheila, who was able to help me with the paper selections of 4 different homes, all seamless and classy experiences. Enter Robin: She too has never steered me wrong. From soup to nuts, her tasteful choices will turn an otherwise stressful experience into a joy! Robin has a myriad of resources at her fingertips and is very generous to share them with you. Not only is she a designer of the highest caliber, her taste is impeccable. She will get the job done, no matter how large or small. No need to shop around–she has the best prices and selections, and this is truly one-stop shopping at it’s best. My latest experience: I came to Robin with a prehistoric floor plan of an out of state home which will be transformed to a bed and breakfast; with the addition of some pictures and some lively conversation, she was able to not only determine how much wallpaper to use per room, but choose paint colors for the entire home! Wow! For an amazing decorating experience, there is no other place, hands down!

D. Wilson

THE BEST!!! Amazing eye, incredible knowledge, and so….much fun. A true delight. I have been working with Robin for almost 30 years, and she never fails to bring a smile to my eyes. Run, don’t walk to her!

Debbie Krivitsky

I first worked with Robin 20 yrs ago, lured into her lovely shop by the stunning window displays that caught my eye whenever I drove past. She has an unerring eye for pattern. Most importantly, she gets inside her clients’ head. When I purchased a small farm in Virginia I knew I needed Robin. In under an hour, she helped me select 8 different wall papers that are not only stunning but so absolutely me. A series of rather plain rooms have been completely transformed. I wouldn’t go to anyone else for wallpaper and design assistance!

Natalia Raphael

My experience at Four Walls was nothing short of superb! I came in with a picture and Robyn nailed it! She knew immediately the wallpaper I was looking for and gave me several other options. Robyn’s knowledge of color and patterns is incredible. Needless to say her direction and guidance was invaluable. Her attention to detail is outstanding! I would not hesitate in recommending Four Walls for ANY of your wallpaper needs.


Robin is absolutely fantastic. She is professional, knowledgeable, and a true visionary when it comes to wallpaper. No one that I trust more when it comes to picking a wallpaper that will be timelessly beautiful in your home. Thank you Robin for all your help!

Hannah Greeley

Robin zeroed in immediately on the perfect wallpaper that I absolutely love for my master bedroom, and was able to get my room measured and the wallpaper ordered the same day. You just can’t beat that!

Julie Gollob

Robin was so helpful working with me to select reupholstering fabric for two livingroom chairs. I brought in photos on my iPad of my livingroom/ diningroom area as well as the chairs. She gleefully pulled out fabric books, turned to a swatch and said, “This would be perfect. I LOVE this one.” Sure enough, one of her suggestions was perfect. Robin is a pro.

Diane Chait

Worked with Robin Abber on a challenging project, replacing heavy fabric wallpaper that had been improperly hung and was now, as she found out, discontinued. She was able to find a terrific substitute, something actually better than before. Also she recommended an outstanding paperhanger. I am delighted with the results!

Edward Buckbee

The owner, Robin was a dream to work with. I showed her an old piece of wallpaper I had used more than 15 years ago. She immediately remembered the name the number and that it was discontinued. In the matter of 15 minutes she had pulled out all the relevant books and found many great choices. What a memory and what an organizer. She hired a wallpaper hanger for me and helped me choose paint colors for cabinets. Couldn’t have done without her.

Maggie Bruck

Robin is one of a kind, a hidden gem, and a valuable asset to our business. Give her the materials and client information, and she nails it every time. She is tirelessly committed to a successful solution. Love her.

Horst Buchanan Architecture Inc.

She is The Wallpaper Whisperer. Robin Abber has a truly remarkable ability to pinpoint a client’s desires, and quickly present exciting options that they ultimately choose. I have never had anything but a spot-on experience bringing clients (and myself!) in for Robin’s help. She knows her product inside and out and loves what she does; there’s just no substitute for knowledge and passion. You can waste your time elsewhere flipping aimlessly through piles of books, or you can go straight to The Four Walls and make your (and your clients’) wallpaper dreams come true.

Carolyn T.

I highly recommend the Four Walls! Robin Abber is a gifted decorator with an incredible eye and great style. She understood immediately what my husband and I wanted and blended unique wall coverings with beautiful fabrics and rugs. Robin also was able to incorporate my eclectic style to give us a timeless and warm home. I have met and worked with many design and craftsman in the Boston area, and I have yet to meet anyone who is as talented as Robin.

Michelle A.

Robin Abber, owner of the Four Walls, has helped me decorate and pick wall coverings for over 20 years. Her amazing eye and impeccable taste have helped me decorate 3 homes – a large Victorian, a 1920’s Colonial, and a rustic ski house. Robin was able to give each home a modern twist, without detracting from the unique character of each. If you want timeless style, great service and quick turnaround – I would highly recommend the Four Walls.

Michelle Avery

Best wallcovering source in the Boston area. Our 100 year old colonial in Newton needed an interior facelift. We wanted to replace wallpaper in the front halls and entry that were there when we bought 34 years ago and recreate the same feel. Only one place had what we wanted: The Four Walls of Newton. And without the owner, Robin’s, personal and expert advice we would never have found it. (And discover that her mother had sold the original paper to the former owner!) We had a wonderful experience choosing and buying wallcoverings for two areas and are very happy with our choices and glad to have Robin as a new friend.